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Refrigeration Solution for Box Trucks

Brief Introduction of KingClima Truck Refrigeration Units

As for truck refrigeration units, it will be included into different truck models and size. So with different truck kinds and the reefer unit for box truck may use various models.

KingClima as the leading transport refrigeration manufacturers will help our customers to find an accurate vehicle refrigeration unit models to suit their demands. Now let’s see the detailed solutions for truck refrigeration unit.

Choose Suitable Refrigeration Models According Different Truck Box Size

  ▲ Small Box Truck
  ▲ Middle Box Truck
  ▲ Large Box Truck
Choose Suitable Refrigeration Models According Various Truck Type

  ▲ Ordinal Box Truck
  ▲ Pickup Trucks
  ▲ Semi-trailer Trucks
  ▲ All Electric Trucks

Different Truck Size with Different Truck Refrigeration Solution

  1. Small Box Truck

If you have a small box trucks with 5-20m³ box size or the box size length is less than 3 meters, then you can choose KingClima small truck refrigeration units. We recommend to the models of below.

K-260/260C: K-260 is for deep frozen lowest temp is -30℃ and K-260C is for fresh delivery, lowest temp is -5℃. Both of them is used for 5-15 m³box.

K-360/360C: K-360 and K-360C is used for -18℃ lowest temp and -5℃ lowest temp for 15-20m³ truck box.

T-360: T-360 is high end box truck refrigeration units, with higher standard for the high-end market.
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Temperature Range Application Engine Driven Mount Type Feature
K-260 1150W/-18℃, 2015W/0℃ -18℃ to 20 ℃ 6~11m³ Direct Engine Front/Nose Mont Suit most of market standard, competitive price.
1150W/0℃ -5℃ ~ +15℃ 6~11m³ Direct Engine Front/Nose Mont
2920W/0℃, 1607W/-18℃ -18℃ to 20 ℃ 10-15m³ Direct Engine Front/Nose Mont
2920W/0℃ -5℃ ~ +15℃ 10-15m³ Direct Engine Front/Nose Mont
4300W/0℃, 2350W/-18℃ -18℃ ~ +20℃ 15-19m³ Direct Engine Front/Nose Mont Meet a more higher standard market requirement, matched to Thermo King/Carrier brands.
Middle Box Truck

If your truck body size is from 20m³ to 35m³ or the truck body length is less than 6 meter, then you can choose our K-460/560/660 reefer unit for box trucks or Super600/800 diesel powered truck refrigeration units.
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Temperature Range Application Driven Type Features
3980w/0℃ 2100w/-18℃ -18℃ ~ +15℃ 15~20m³ Vehicle Engine Suit most of market standard, competitive price.
4537W/0℃  2386W/-18℃ -18℃ ~ +15℃ 18~25m³ Vehicle Engine
5050W/0℃ 2890W/-18℃ -18℃ to +25℃ 20~25m³ Vehicle Engine
5800W/0℃  3000W/-20℃ -20℃~+30℃  25~30m³ Vehicle Engine+Standby Integrated electric standby system
6700W/0℃  3530W/-20℃ -20℃~+30℃ 35~45m³
4300W/0℃  2250W/-18℃ -18℃ ~ +20℃ 16-19m³ Vehicle Engine Meet a more higher standard market requirement, matched to Thermo King/Carrier brands.
4500W/0℃  2450W/-18℃ -18℃ ~ +20℃ 16-20m³ Vehicle Engine
5030W/0℃  2530W/-18℃ -18℃ ~ +20℃ 19-23m³ Vehicle Engine
3350W(-18℃), 5600W(0℃) -25℃~+30℃ 20~35m³ Diesel Powered Diesel engine powered, independent cooling system.
7150W at 0℃ / 3960 at -18℃ -25℃~+30℃ 25~40m³ Diesel Powered
  1. Large Box Truck

If your truck body is very large from 35m³ to 65m³ or the truck body length is less than 9 meter, you can choose our refrigeration unit for truck with below models: K-760/860 transport refrigeration, or Super1000/1200
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Temperature Range Driven Type Application
-18℃~25℃ Vehicle Powered 35-45m³
 -18℃~25℃ Vehicle Powered  40~50m³
 -18℃~25℃ Vehicle Powered 25-30m³
 -18℃~25℃ Vehicle Powered 32-35m³
 -18℃~25℃ Diesel Powered 35-55m³
-18℃~25℃ Diesel Powered 50~60 m³

Different Truck Kinds with Different Transport Refrigeration Solution

  1. Ordinal Box Truck

If you trucks are ordinal box trucks, then most of our front mounted trucks will be suitable. Remember that, according to different demands, you can choose our different series of transport refrigeration units.
Series PDF Models Features
K Series
K-260/260C/360/360C/460/560/660/760/860 Meet most of truck boxes from small to large demands. Optional split standby system and heating function.
K-S Series
K-560S/660S Integrated electric standby truck refrigeration units.
K-E Series
K-200E/300E/400E/500E All electric truck refrigeration units, for full electric new energy truck refrigerating solutions.
T Series
T-360/460/560/660/760/860 High-end truck refrigeration units, suit for higher standard.
Super Series
Super600/800/1000/1200 Diesel powered truck refrigeration units, independent refrigerating system.
  1. Pickup Trucks

For the pickup trucks or bakkie or UTE vehicles (utility vehicles), it may a very different types of trucks or vans. Usually for this kinds of vehicles, customers can choose roof top mounted vehicle refrigeration unit or nose mounted type truck refrigeration. Usually, for the pickup trucks, the truck box is smaller, so we often recommend to our small truck refrigeration.

But with more and more customers feedback that the installation cost more expensive in their local areas, and we recommend to our portable cold box, it is flexible and can be put on the back of pickup trucks, no need to installation and customers can choose DC battery powered models or AC 110V-220V voltage.
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Temperature Range Driven Type Mount Type Application
2000W(0℃)1110W(-18℃)  -18℃ ~ +15℃ Vehicle Powered Roof Mounted 6m³-10m³
2200W(0℃)1125W(-18℃) -18℃ ~ +15℃ 6m³-10m³
1150W/-18℃, 2015W/0℃ -18℃ to 20 ℃ Front/nose mounted 6~11m³
1150W/0℃ -5℃ ~ +15℃ 6~11m³
2000W/0℃  950W/-18℃ -18℃ ~ +25℃ Battery DC 12V/24V Powered Rooftop mounted  2-6m³
2000W/0℃ -5℃ ~ +15℃  2-6m³
2000W/0℃ -18℃ ~ +25℃ 5-6m³
  1. Semi-trailer Trucks

If you need to install a refrigeration units for semi-trailer trucks, then we can recommend to our K-2000/2000S/2100 semi-trailer refrigeration units. All the refrigeration units can be customized with muti-temperature functions, heating solutions and electric standby systems.
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Electric Standby Muti-Temp Matched Models
0℃/18100W -20℃/9600W No Optional Carrier X2-2100  or Thermo King SLXi-400
0℃/18100W -20℃/9600W Optional Optional Carrier Vector1850, Carrier Vector1950 and Thermo King SLXi-400
0℃/19900w -20℃/10900w Optional Optional Carrier X4-7300/7500 and Thermo King SLXi-400
  1. All Electric Trucks

Now the all electric commercial vehicles are a new trendy in the market. KingClima has been in the all electric commercial vehicles cooling solutions for over years in China market to have cooperate with many electric commercial vehicles factory to supply electric refrigeration units and electric compressors. Below you will find our different models of all electric refrigeration units for all electric trucks.
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Voltage Application
2150W(0℃)1250W(-18℃) DC320V 6-10m³
3150W(0℃)1750W(-18℃) DC320V 12-16m³
4650W(0℃)2500 W(-18℃) DC320V/DC540V 18-23m³
5550W(0℃)3100 W(-18℃) DC320V/DC540V 22-26m³

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