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As early as the 1960s to 1970s, with the continuous improvement of Chinese people's living standards, there was a certain demand for refrigerated vehicles in the domestic market. However, at that time, China successively imported heat preservation vehicles from Romania and other Eastern European countries, that is, vehicles without chillers and without refrigeration effect. Subsequently, refrigerated vehicles and large thermal insulation vehicles were imported from Japan / Italy and other countries. In the 1980s, China has begun to appear domestic refrigeration automobile manufacturers. In the 1990s, KingClima has been committed to the promotion and production of refrigeration units for cold chain commercial vehicles. The company's business has also been focusing on the whole vehicle scheme of refrigeration units and the promotion and production of corresponding accessories. In 1998, KingClima officially established HENAN
HENAN KINGCLIMA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. in Zhengzhou. In the new century, KingClima officially established the research and development of commercial vehicle refrigeration units as the core, committed to using new technologies and means to ensure the timeliness of cold chain transportation and the freshness of goods transported. KingClima understands that "FRESH" is not simply about how recently harvested produce or how it is produced. It also involves the conditions under which they are transported. That's why we offer transportation refrigeration solutions that allow precise control of temperature and humidity and preserve all types of perishable goods, wherever it needs to go. In early 2003, the new KingClima plant in Zhengzhou was completed. The 21000 square meters of modern, automated and self-contained factory buildings have increased the turnover of KingClima constantly and punctually, making KingClima stand at the forefront of the global refrigeration industry.
Henan Kingclima Industry Co.,ltd is established. Our business has been oriented to the bus air conditioning systems and the trading of Zexel compressor in China.
King clima has been devoting to the experiment and creation of air conditioning systems for commercial vehicles. This pioneer activity ought to be the first Chinese entity producing Air Conditioning Systems in this field of Yutong Bus and Shaolin Bus.
King clima have researched and developed another core business---transport refrigeration units for trucks and vans. We established our own brand KingClima,main produce transport refrigeration system, export all kinds of refrigeration units /parts and truck body for cold chain transportation industry.
KingClima plant increased to 19,000 Square Meters, 200 skilled workers, 4 assembly lines, 10,0000 output products. ., and offer OEM truck reefer units to ISUZU,Foton,JAC,JMC,Dongfeng big truck suppliers.
More than 80 dealers in more than 100 countries and areas both home and oversea market since year of 2014, and KingClima units begine to be well-known in the refrigeration units marketing, especially the small electric van refrigeration units (B-150/B-150C) famous to European market ,diesel engine truck refrigeration units (super 1000) famous to South America,and K-10ft are most popular in Australia etc.
Today, after more than ten years of exploration and improvement, KingClima is increasingly very fast and have some more partners or distributors who are working on the relative field of vehicle refitting factory, truck or van body factory, big food factory, commercial refrigeration equipment sellers and cold chain transport company.We have developed into the world's leading manufacturer and supplier Leading Manufacturer of Transportation Refrigeration Units in Cold-chain industry of China .
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