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All Electric Refrigeration Solutions for All Electric Trucks/Vans
Nowadays the new energy commercial vehicles grow fast in many of countries especially in China market, because of the government support, the electric vehicles has a matured technology. You may see many of the electric commercial vehicles running on the road.

In this situation, KingClima industry develop all electric refrigeration units business to suit this new trend. As for now, our electric refrigeration units have been equipped in China market electric vehicles OEM service. Now we promote our all electric vehicle refrigeration units on the overseas market and get many good feedback. Such as in Singapore market and European market give us a highly praised on our electric vehicle refrigeration units.

Solutions for Electric Refrigerated Vehicles

  1. Low Voltage DC 12V/24V voltage

This solution is only used for the small electric vans refrigeration units. The refrigeration units directly connecting with electric vehicle 12V or 24V battery. Usually the van box size is about 6m³ not too big.
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Temp Range Application
B-150 950W(-18℃)  2000W(0℃)  -18℃ ~ +25℃ 2-4m³ box
B-50C 2000W(0℃)  -5℃ ~ +25℃ 2-4m³ box
B-200 2000W(0℃)  -18℃ ~ +25℃ 4-6m³ box
  1. Low Voltage DC48V/60V voltage

For the low voltage of DC48V-60V refrigeration units, we usually do it on the electric cargo vans. The refrigeration units will connect with an external 48V-60V battery.
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Temp Range Application
B-260 1800W(0℃) 
-18℃~+15℃ 4-7m³
B-350 3070W(0℃) 
-18℃~+15℃ 12-16m³
  1. High Voltage DC320V/540V voltage

For the high voltage DC320V-540V refrigeration units are applied for the all electric trucks. The refrigeration units will connect on the electric truck high voltage for use.
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Temp Range Application
K-200E 2150W(0℃)
-18℃~+15℃ 6-10m³
K-300E 3150W(0℃)
-18℃~+15℃ 12-16m³
K-400E 4650W(0℃)
2500 W(-18℃)
-18℃~+15℃ 18-23m³
K-500E 5550W(0℃)
3100 W(-18℃)
-18℃~+15℃ 22-26m³

As for the all electric refrigeration units, we can cooperate with truck/vans factory to supply OEM service and all the equipment can be customized to suit customers requirement.  
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