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small trailer refrigeration units
How much does it cost to install small trailer refrigeration units?
Jan 23, 2024
Small trailer refrigeration units play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of perishable goods during transit. One prominent player in this market is KingClima, and in this article, we will delve into the cost considerations associated with installing their small trailer refrigeration units.
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trailer refrigeration unit
How does the Trailer Refrigeration Unit Work——Unveiling the Innovation by KingClima
Jan 18, 2024
In this article, we delve into the intricate workings of trailer refrigeration units and shed light on the innovative solutions offered by KingClima in this domain.
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van refrigeration unit
KingClima V-300 Van Refrigeration Unit Installation in Indonesia
Jan 11, 2024
A client, based in Indonesia, sought an efficient solution for refrigerating goods during transit. Recognizing the client's unique requirements, KingClima recommended the V-300 van freezer unit, designed specifically for small and medium refrigerated cargo vans ranging from 8 to 16 m³ in body box size.
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truck refrigeration unit
KingClima 12V Truck Refrigeration Unit Purchase by an Estonian Client
Jan 09, 2024
This feedback report focuses on the experience of Mr. Jaan Tamm, an Estonian customer who purchased the KingClima 12V truck refrigeration unit. By examining Mr. Tamm's insights, challenges, and recommendations, we aim to derive meaningful lessons and enhance our offerings for future clients.
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van refrigeration unit
KingClima Van Refrigeration Unit Acquisition by a U.S. Client
Jan 05, 2024
This case study delves into the acquisition journey of a U.S.-based client who invested in KingClima's van refrigeration units, specifically tailored for maintaining temperatures between -5℃ to 30℃ in 3-5m³ reefer vans during hot summer months.
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trailer refrigeration unit
KingClima Trailer Refrigeration Unit for a Russian Distributor
Jan 03, 2024
This case study focuses on a significant transaction involving a Russian distributor who purchased a KingClima trailer refrigeration unit to enhance their cold chain logistics capabilities.
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