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Van Refrigeration Unit Solutions
Van refrigeration units are the main parts of cold vans for temperature controlled delivery. KingClima as the professional cargo van refrigeration unit supplier and manufacturer in China will help you to find an accurate van refrigeration kits for your business. Here we will give you different solutions of refrigeration for van according to van box size, delivery van refrigeration unit driven type and cargo van types.

Van Refrigeration Kits Solution By Van Box Size

According to the van box size, you can choose the following models of delivery van refrigeration unit.
  1. For small cargo vans with 2-10m³van box
 Models   PDF   Cooling Capacity   Application   Temperature Range   Driven Type 
 B-150    950W(-18℃)  2000W(0℃) 2-6m³ -18℃ ~ +25℃ Electric Powered
B-150C 2000W(0℃) 2-6m³ -5℃ ~ +25℃ Electric Powered
B-200 2000W(0℃) 4-6m³ -18℃ ~ +25℃ Electric Powered
V-200 2000W(0℃)1110W(-18℃)  5 -12m³ -18℃ ~ +15℃ Engine Driven
V-200C 2000W(0℃) 5 -12m³ -5℃ ~ +15℃ Engine Driven
B-260 1800W(0℃) 1000W(-18℃) 4-7m³ -18℃~+15℃ Electric Powered
K-260RS 2050W(0℃)
5-10m³ -18℃~+25℃ Electric and Engine driven
  1. For middle or big cargo vans with 10-18m³ van box
Models PDF Cooling Capacity Application Temperature Range Driven Type
V-300 3000W(0℃)1600W(-18℃) 8 -16 m³ -18℃ ~ +15℃ Engine Driven
V-300C 3000W(0℃) 8 -16 m³ -5℃ ~ +15℃ Engine Driven
V-350 3350W(1.7℃)1730W(-17.8℃) 6-9 m³ -18℃ ~ +25℃ Engine Driven
B-350 3070W(0℃) 1560W(-18℃) 12-16m³ -18℃~+15℃ Electric Powered
K-360RS 3070W(0℃)
12-16m³ -18℃~+15℃ Electric and Engine driven
Portable cold box For this solution, it is like a mobile refrigerator, just put the cold box in your cargo van. It can be connecting with DC 24V-60V voltage or AC 110V-220V voltage.

Van Chiller Unit Solutions By Driven Type

According to different types of van refrigeration driven types, we have different series of cargo van refrigeration unit for choice. We can supply the battery powered van reefer units, all electric van refrigeration units, integrated electric standby van refrigeration and portable refrigeration cold box for cargo van solutions.
Series Model Application Driven Type Features
V Series V-200/200C/300/300C/350 Most of engine driven cargo vans. Direct/vehicle powered Suit for most of cargo vans solutions.
B Series B-150/150C/200/200C/B-260/B-300 For all electric vehicles use. Electric powered It can be directly connecting with vehicle DC battery or high voltage battery.
K-RS Series K-260RS/360RS Most of cargo vans suit. Direct and electric powered. Integrated electric standby system.
Portable cold box For this solution, it is like a mobile refrigerator, just put the cold box in your cargo van. It can be connecting with DC 24V-60V voltage or AC 110V-220V voltage.

Chiller Units For Vans Solutions By Van Type

There are two types of vans we can supply van refrigeration, the engine driven fuel van and all electric vans. For the engine driven fuel vans, most of our van refrigeration units can be used. As for the new-energy vehicles trend, we manufacture and design the whole electric powered van refrigeration for all electric vans. The all electric van refrigeration can be directly connecting with high voltage van battery or connecting with an external DC powered battery.
Van Type Models Application
Engine Driven Fuel Van Most of KingClima van refrigeration models suit. All of the small to larger van box.
All Electric Van B-260/B-350
B-150/150C/200 (DC12V/24V)
All electric vans with 4-7m³or 12-16 m³ van box.
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