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Ice Cream Refrigerated Trucks Solution
For some of high end ice cream it will need -30℃ temperature controlled to deliver. For most of ordinary truck refrigeration units, the temperature can be lowest at -20℃, which cannot meet the ice cream’s temperature requirement. So how to convert your trucks into a professional ice cream trucks? Here we use eutectic cold tube refrigeration units for trucks to make temperature -30℃, which is very popular in European market.

Eutectic cold tube and refrigeration system can be used as a professional truck refrigeration units for ice cream, that is especially designed for deep frozen cargoes such as ice cream delivery.

Solution of -40℃ Temperature Controlled Delivery for Refrigerated Trucks

  1. Refrigerated Truck Box

To have a better thermal insulation properties, a specialized refrigerated truck box is necessary to keep the temperature lowest.
  1. Eutectic Cold Tube System

The ordinary truck refrigeration units cannot make the temperature to -30℃, it needs a specialized equipment (eutectic cold tube system). the eutectic cold tube system included into two parts: eutectic cold tube and condenser.

 A: for eutectic cold tube can be customized according to your truck box size.

 B: According to cooling capacity, the condenser model we have KT300/400, which use German Bitzer (3 hp) Power supply is 3-phase 380V.

Ice Cream Refrigerated Trucks Solution - KingClima
Tips: if you already have other brands of condenser, you can also choose the eutectic cold separately.

With the eutectic cold tube system, the temperature can be reached to -40℃ for the deep frozen cargoes for example ice cream transport.
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