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Refrigerated Box Solution for Refrigerated Vehicles
Refrigerated box takes important role on refrigerated vehicles build. It can keep the transport refrigeration units has a better cooling performance and to keep the cargoes safe when transport. Here are different solutions that we supply for your refrigerated vehicles box bodies.
  1. Refrigerated Box for Trucks/Vans/Tricycles/Motorcycles

Our refrigerated box can be used for refrigerated truck box, refrigerated van box, refrigerated tricycles/motorcycles use. The truck bodies can be customized according to different requirement. We can supply the whole small parts with refrigerated truck panels to deliver to your place.
  1. Mobile Refrigerated Cold Box

The mobile refrigerated cold box is our competitive products in the transport refrigeration units field. We have different refrigerated cold box for trucks, vans, pickup trucks and tricycles. The mobile cold box we supply is DC 24V-60V internal or external battery powered. Or we can also supply 100~240V AC powered 50~60 Hz power. The
  1. Refrigerated Vehicles Insulated Panels

Do you have requirement to divided your refrigerated vehicles areas into two or three temperature parts? If so, to install the insulated panels on it will help you realize it. For refrigerated truck body panels we have 5 types to meet different requirement according to various vehicle types.


For refrigerated bodies solutions, it is more like a customized products. The box size can be customized to meet customers’ demands. If you have any needs for refrigerated truck bodies, please feel free contact us!
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