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Refrigeration Solution for Three Wheeler/Cargo Bike
With the fast Southeast counties and South America E-commerce developing fast, the short distance especially to solve the last 1 KM cold chain transport is a problem. How to keep the foods fresh and safe to customers hands when they ordered online? Maybe it’s just 1KM but it still need to focus on. To solve this problem, more and more use the small electric three wheeler or tricycles or motorcycle/electric cargo bike to transport. The box is about 2-4m³, very small in size.

Refrigeration Solution for Three Wheeler/Cargo Bike - KingClima
In order to make it into a refrigerated tricycle/motorcycle/cargo bike, it needs to do some retrofitting things. We can supply the whole set of refrigerated tricycles and also can supply the separate main parts, such as refrigerated box and refrigeration units.
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Refrigerated Cargo Bike refrigeration solutions for cargo bike and tricycles
Refrigerated Tricycle refrigeration solutions for cargo bike and tricycles

FAQs of Tricycle/Cargo Bike Refrigeration Units

FAQ 1: I already have a tricycle/cargo bike, can I buy refrigeration units or refrigerated box separately?

Answer: Yes of course. This is the way we really support. Because if you import the whole set, it may need a higher freight cost. If you can buy the tricycles or cargo bike or you already has it, you just buy refrigeration units and box. When we deliver it, we will install the refrigeration units on the box, so when you receive it, no need to install, just put it on your vehicles and connecting with some wires.

FAQ 2: Is that easy for me to install the three wheeler refrigeration units?

Answer: yes, very easy. When you receive the goods, all has been installed well, you only need to put it on your vehicles.

FAQ3: What is voltage of tricycle refrigeration units?

Answer: we can supply 12V/24V/48V/60V/72V/96V voltage. Usually the 60V is more commonly use in our customers.

FAQ4: what kinds of battery that electric tricycle/bike use? How long it will run?

Answer: it is lithium battery, cooling time is 6-8 hours for a 60V 45ah battery and can running for 40-50 km.

FAQ5: How much power the electric refrigeration unit consume ? and how long the electric tricycle refrigeration unit can work one time?

Answer: it depends on the battery capacity. For a 60V 50ah battery, it will consume 3 kilowatt/h;
For a 60V 75ah battery, it will consume 4.5 kilowatt/h;
Let us make an example, the electric tricycle refrigeration units power is 650W, and lithium battery capacity is 60V 50ah, and then the working time is: 60*50W/650W=4.6h. 4.6 hours working time!

FAQ6: what is the temperature for tricycle refrigeration units can meet?

Answer: for our tricycle refrigeration units, you can choose frozen or fresh kinds. The lowest temperature is -15℃.

FAQ7: Can I add an electric standby system for tricycle refrigeration units?

Yes, it can. The electric standby system is optional choice. The standby system is 110V or 220V outside power source.

FAQ8: is the refrigeration compressor connect with tricycle compressor?

Answer: Yes, it is. The tricycle battery provide the power for refrigeration units.

FAQ9: is there any distributors in my country?

Answer: we have many distributors all over the world, and you can ask us for more details of distributorship matters. Of course, we welcome distributors to join us. Please feel free contact us for details.

FAQ10: is the parts free?

Answer: during the guarantee period, if the parts are broken in use, and we can send the parts for free. Our guarantee is 12 months.
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