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All Solutions of Transport Refrigeration Units from KingClima
Nov 24, 2021

All Solutions of Transport Refrigeration Units from KingClima

Provide professional solution for temperature sensitive cargoes delivery

All Solutions of Transport Refrigeration Units from KingClima

 KingClima industry is China leading manufacturer and supplier for transport refrigeration units and refrigeration box with over 15 years experience. As for your cold chain delivery business, we can supply the following solutions:

Solutions for Engine Trucks
As for our truck refrigeration units, it can suit for small to large truck box with 5-50m³size. Temperature is for deep frozen to chilled (-30℃ to 20℃), and also the refrigeration units have the heating solutions for extremely cold areas in winter use. 
High-End Truck Refrigeration Units
suitable for the extremely high ambient temperature use. 
Truck Refrigeration Units 
suitable for most of ambient temperature. 
Solutions for Cargo Vans
As for van refrigeration units, it is rooftop units for all kinds of cargo vans from 6-15m³ van box. Temperature is for deep frozen to chilled (-30℃ to 20℃), and also the refrigeration units have the heating solutions for extremely cold areas in winter use.
One condenser fan and one evaporator blower.  For 5-10m³ van box. 
Two condenser fans and two evaporator blowers.  For 6-17m³ van box. 
Solutions for Zero Emission Vehicles
The zero emission units are designed for all electric trucks and vans. We have two choice for zero emission units of voltage selection, DC low voltage 12V/24V/48V/70V/96V and DC high voltage DC320V/DC540V directly connecting with vehicles battery.
For All Electric Vans

It is all electric refrigeration units for all electric vans with 4-7m³ or 12-16m³ van box, you can use high voltage directly connect with van battery or you can add an external batteery to connect. 
For All Electric Trucks

Our K-200E/300E/400E/500E is for all electric truck from 2-26m³ truck box. Voltage is DC320V-540V high voltage. 
Solutions for Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration Units
It is used for long distance delivery or need the stay at night when delivery temperature sensitive cargoes. The integrated standby is inner side of condenser, so don’t need to find another areas to consider where the standby put.
Solutions for Diesel Powered Truck Refrigeration Units
We are China only one manufacturer of diesel powered refrigeration units, our price is very competitive and very high quality. The refrigeration can be used for 20-60m³ truck box.
Solutions for Mobile Cooler Trailer
We have 8ft, 10ft and 12ft choices for mobile trailer refrigeration units. Temp range: 0°F to 50°F (-20℃ to 20℃); Voltage: 110V or 220V Alternating Current.
Solutions for Tricycles/Motorcycles
This is a very small refrigeration units for three wheeler or motorcycles use. According to it, we can also supply the related refrigerated box. So if you already have the tricycle or motorcycles, just put the refrigerated box with refrigeration units on it, then it can work.

Electric Refrigerated Tricycle

Solutions for last 1 km perishable cargoes delivery.

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Electric Refrigerated Bicycle

Suitable for shor distance temperature controlled delivery.

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Tis: all the price shown above not included into delivery cost, battery cost and package cost. Please contact our sales teams to check whole price before you place the order. 
Solutions for All Kinds of Refrigerated Box
We can supply the below refrigerated box for your perishable cargos delivery business.
  1. Refrigerated Truck Box
  2. Portable Transfer Box
  3. Vaccine Box
  4. Tricycle/Motorcycle Box
  5. Mobile Cooler Trailer Box
Material: color steel ,FRP ,CFRT,plastic
Insulation Layer: Polyurethane foam or XPS, VIP
Hardware: 304 stainless steel
Material: color steel +Polyurethane foam
Outer box size: 1500*1000*1000 mm
Total volume: 951 L
Voltage: DC48V(45 Ah*4)
Temperature: -30℃
thermal boxthermal box for food delivery, it can installed for trucks/vans...
Structure: fiberglass+PU+fiberglass.
Panels thickness: 75-100mm
Insulation Layer: Polyurethane foam.
Hardware: 304 stainless steel
Temperature: –30℃
Example: here is a case for one of our customers to put a portable transfer box in his cargo vans. There is no need to install, it is portable and movable. The door is side of vans, so you can upload or load cargoes freely, very convenient.
Distributors Invited from All Over World!
KingClima is China leading manufacturer and supplier of transport refrigeration units in exporting our truck refrigeration and van refrigeration for over 15 years.

We cooperate with many China top-one transport refrigeration factories with the good price. And we also welcome overseas truck body builders or van convert factories to cooperate with us. We can supply very competitive price and high quality units! For the more cooperation details, please send us email: info@truckfrigo.com 
Thank you for your interests in KingClima, You may contact us by email, phone, or fax, or please feel free to submit your inquiry in the form below,We will reply you with detail ASAP.
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