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Heating Solutions of Transport Refrigeration Units Apply in Russia in Winter
Nov 25, 2021

Heating Solutions of Transport Refrigeration Units from KingClima

Provide professional solution for temperature sensitive cargoes delivery

What is the Heating Solutions for Transport Refrigeration Units? 

Usually for transport refrigeration units, we use it for refrigerating cargoes in order to keep it fresh. But for some conditions, it need a heating system to make sure the cargoes safe when the ambient temperature is extremely low. So the heating solution is add a heating device or heating system in the transport refrigeration units as an optional choice for customers to warm the cargoes in case the cargoes such as flowers frost damage.

Do I Need Heating Solutions for My Transport Refrigeration Units?
Whether to add a heating solution for your truck refrigeration units or van refrigeration units depend on the cargoes you deliver and ambient temperature you live. Generally speaking, some of cargoes that need a fixed temperature, then they will need to add heating system. For example, transport pharmaceuticals, it needs 2℃~8℃, and in winter, some areas’ ambient temperature will be below 0℃, and in this situation, it needs heating solution.
For the heating solution, usually our customers from Russia will ask it. And for KingClima transport refrigeration units, the heating device is standard configuration.

How Does the Heating System Work in Transport Refrigeration Units?
The heating methods of refrigerated vehicles mainly include: fuel heater heating, electric heating wire heating, engine cooling water temperature and waste heat heating, and refrigeration unit refrigerant heating cycle heating, etc.
The heating device of the fuel air heater needs to be added. When the fuel starts and stops, a small amount of fuel vapor will leak and pollute the food. The use of engine waste heat heating will also produce similar problems, so the application of the above two heating methods is affected. The heating wire is fast and sanitary, and the temperature in the compartment is easy to control. However, due to the limited power storage capacity of refrigerated vehicles, it is rarely used now. At present, the refrigerant heating cycle of refrigeration unit is widely used to integrate the refrigeration device and heating device, so it has great advantages.

In short, this method is to use the high-temperature and high-pressure liquid from the compressor to flow into the evaporator through the defrosting solenoid valve. At the same time, the evaporator fan starts to work, so as to bring the high temperature in the evaporator microchannel into the box through the fan, so as to achieve the effect of temperature rise. The advantages of this heating method are obvious. It not only improves the temperature of the box, but also is environmentally friendly and efficient.

Customer Case for Russia: Add Heating Solutions for Truck Refrigeration
KingClima helped our customers from Russia with our K-360 truck refrigeration units realize the heating system. 
Distributors Invited from All Over World!
KingClima is China leading manufacturer and supplier of transport refrigeration units in exporting our truck refrigeration and van refrigeration for over 15 years.

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