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KingClima Van Refrigeration Units - Meeting the Needs of a Bulgarian Customer
Jul 14, 2023
Customer Profile

Name: Dimitar Ivanov
Company: FreshCargo Ltd.
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Industry: Transportation and Logistics
Demand: Purchase a roof top refrigeration units for vans

Overview of V-300 Van Refrigeration Unit to Bulgaria

FreshCargo Ltd. is a reputable transportation and logistics company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. They specialize in delivering perishable goods, such as fresh produce, dairy products, and pharmaceuticals, to various destinations across the country. To maintain the quality and freshness of their products during transportation, they needed reliable and efficient refrigeration units for their fleet of vans.

Challenge of Purchasing of Van Reefer Unit

FreshCargo faced several challenges in finding suitable van refrigeration units for their business. They required refrigeration solutions that could operate in extreme weather conditions, maintain a consistent temperature range, and offer energy efficiency to minimize operational costs. Additionally, they needed units that could be easily installed and maintained without compromising the cargo space within their vans.

Solution of Van Reefer Unit to Bulgaria

After extensive research and evaluation of various options, FreshCargo discovered KingClima, a renowned manufacturer of van refrigeration units. KingClima had a strong reputation in the industry for producing high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient units. FreshCargo decided to reach out to KingClima to discuss their specific requirements.

KingClima Van Refrigeration Units - Meeting the Needs of a Bulgarian Customer

Customer Journey of the Purchasing Refrigeration Units for Vans

Initial Consultation:

Dimitar Ivanov, the logistics manager at FreshCargo, contacted KingClima's sales team to discuss their needs. They provided detailed information about their fleet size, preferred temperature range, van dimensions, and specific challenges they faced with their previous refrigeration units.

Customized Solution:

KingClima's technical experts thoroughly analyzed FreshCargo's requirements and suggested a customized solution. They recommended the "V-300" van reefer unit model, known for its robust performance, temperature control capabilities, and energy efficiency. The units were specifically designed for small to medium-sized vans, making them an ideal fit for FreshCargo's fleet.

Demonstration and Testing:

To ensure the proposed solution met FreshCargo's expectations, KingClima arranged for a demonstration of the V-300 van reefer units. FreshCargo's team visited KingClima's showroom in European, where they witnessed the units in action and conducted temperature tests to evaluate their performance and consistency.

Installation and Training:

Once FreshCargo confirmed their satisfaction with the V-300 van reefer unit, KingClima scheduled the installation process. Their skilled technicians efficiently installed the units in FreshCargo's vans, taking care to optimize space utilization. They also provided comprehensive training to FreshCargo's drivers and maintenance staff on operating the units and routine maintenance procedures.

Post-Installation Support:

KingClima assured FreshCargo of their commitment to providing ongoing support and maintenance services. They provided a dedicated helpline for immediate technical assistance and scheduled periodic maintenance visits to inspect and service the refrigeration units. FreshCargo appreciated KingClima's prompt responses and proactive approach to addressing any concerns that arose.


FreshCargo experienced significant improvements after adopting KingClima's V-300 van refrigeration units.

Temperature Control: The units maintained a consistent temperature range, ensuring the freshness and quality of perishable goods during transportation.

Energy Efficiency: KingClima's refrigeration units for vans offered superior energy efficiency, resulting in reduced operational costs for FreshCargo.

Reliability: The V-300 van reefer units were highly reliable, performing exceptionally well even in extreme weather conditions.

Cargo Space Optimization: The compact design of the units allowed FreshCargo to optimize their van space, accommodating larger cargo volumes without compromising refrigeration capabilities.


By partnering with KingClima and implementing their V-300 van refrigeration units, FreshCargo successfully addressed their refrigeration challenges. The reliable performance, energy efficiency, and excellent customer support from KingClima contributed to FreshCargo's ability to deliver perishable goods in optimal condition. FreshCargo continues to enjoy the benefits of their collaboration with KingClima, further strengthening their reputation in the transportation and logistics industry in Bulgaria.
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