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Electric Van Refrigeration Units Feedback from UK Customers
Jun 17, 2021
KingClima produce DC12V full electric van refrigeration unit used for 3-6m3 box of small van ,we export this unit to Europe and North America market most popular.

Generally ,the DC12V electric van cooling unit works through the battery of small van ,the capacity of battery is at least 120A (12V).

But how the electric van refrigeration unit to work if the van waiting over night with no engine on ?

Photo: electric van refrigeration units KingClima B-150 for -30℃ temp control

Solutions for Van Refrigeration Unit Working Hour after Hour when Van Stops for UK Customers

Because our UK customer is a big logistic company who transport different the frozen goods. Sometimes they take a ferry which is 26 hours from United Kingdom to Spain ,the unit can’t run engine. So with this situation, considering the voltage is AC240V in UK, so we can offer the converter and plug the units into power AC240V. Our converter is 185-265V, 50/60Hz, its output power is DC 14V 90A, ensure the units with standby continue to work even though the van stops for long time.

Photo: electric van refrigeration units AC230V standby system

Feedback of UK Customers to B-150C/B-150 Reefer Units for Vans

Our customers are so happy to choose this cooling solutions for the small vans. Now the electric van refrigeration unit has already mounted on the rooftop of the van and been working for some times. When in the night, he connect the van refrigeration unit to a outside power for lasting working. Perfect solution!

Photo: electric van refrigeration units installation for samll cargo vans

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