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European Customer's Purchase of KingClima Van Refrigeration Unit
Jul 07, 2023

European Customer's Purchase of KingClima Van Refrigeration Unit

Customer Background:

The customer, a well-established European logistics company specializing in perishable goods transportation, was looking to expand its fleet of refrigerated vans. With a growing demand for efficient and reliable transportation of temperature-sensitive products, they sought a reputable supplier of van refrigeration unit. After extensive research and evaluating various options, the customer chose to purchase KingClima V-300 van refrigeration unit.

Customer Requirements:

Reliable Performance: The customer required van refrigeration unit that could consistently maintain the desired temperature range, ensuring the freshness and quality of perishable goods during transportation. KingClima V-300 transport refrigeration is our new updated van refrigeration unit to make its working performance to the best with an outstanding appearance getting customers’ like.  

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency was a crucial factor for the customer, as it aligned with their sustainability goals and aimed to reduce operational costs.

User-Friendly Interface: The customer wanted intuitive and user-friendly control panels for their drivers to easily monitor and adjust the temperature settings.

Flexibility and Adaptability: The customer sought units that could be installed in their existing fleet of vans, ensuring compatibility and minimizing any modifications or downtime.

Solution Provided by KingClima Transport Refrigeration Department Teams

After thoroughly evaluating the customer's requirements and understanding their specific needs, KingClima proposed the following solution:

Reliable Performance:

KingClima offered van refrigeration unit equipped with advanced technology and reliable components, ensuring precise temperature control and optimal performance throughout the transportation process.

The van refrigeration unit were designed to withstand various environmental conditions, providing consistent cooling capabilities regardless of external factors.

Energy Efficiency:

KingClima's van refrigeration unit were equipped with cutting-edge energy-saving features, such as smart defrost cycles and improved insulation materials, minimizing power consumption and maximizing operational efficiency.

The units incorporated eco-friendly refrigerants, complying with the customer's sustainability objectives while ensuring compliance with the latest environmental regulations.

User-Friendly Interface:

KingClima's van refrigeration unit featured a user-friendly control panel with an intuitive interface, allowing drivers to easily monitor and adjust temperature settings during transportation.

The control panel provided real-time temperature readings, ensuring the customer's drivers had full visibility and control over the cargo's condition.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

KingClima offered a range of van refrigeration unit and truck refrigeration unit with various sizes and configurations, ensuring compatibility with the customer's existing fleet of vans or trucks.

The installation process was streamlined to minimize downtime, and KingClima's technical team provided expert guidance and support to ensure seamless integration.

European Customer's Purchase of KingClima Van Refrigeration Unit - KingClima

Results and Benefits:

By choosing KingClima as their van refrigeration unit supplier, the European logistics company experienced the following benefits:

Enhanced Product Freshness: The reliable performance of KingClima's van refrigeration unit ensured that perishable goods were transported at the desired temperature range, preserving their freshness and quality throughout the journey.

Reduced Operational Costs: The energy-efficient design of the units led to significant cost savings for the customer. The optimized power consumption helped lower fuel expenses and decrease the overall environmental impact of their operations.

Improved Driver Experience: The user-friendly interface of KingClima's van refrigeration unit empowered the customer's drivers to efficiently monitor and control temperature settings. This enhanced user experience resulted in improved productivity and minimized the risk of temperature deviations during transportation.

Seamless Integration: KingClima's flexible and adaptable units seamlessly integrated with the customer's existing fleet of vans, eliminating the need for major modifications or downtime. This allowed the customer to expand their refrigerated fleet quickly and efficiently.


By partnering with KingClima for their van refrigeration unit needs, the European logistics company achieved their goals of reliable and energy-efficient temperature-controlled transportation. KingClima's solutions not only met their requirements but also provided additional benefits such as improved driver experience and seamless integration. The customer was pleased with the performance and support provided by KingClima, solidifying their trust in the brand for future expansion endeavors.
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