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K-560S Box Truck Refrigeration Unit for Sale to Russia
Mar 28, 2022
China and Russia has a very international friendship in the international market. And KingClima pay attention to Russia market and Russia customers for long time. All of our Russia customers are very nicer and friendly. Of course, they also give KingClima teams a very highly evaluation on the service and product quality. Recently one of our customer from Russia ordered our K-560S transport refrigeration system for his truck use. The Russia customer is a small owner of truck bodies builder and he helped local customers build their commercial trucks. Recently his end-user customers want to changed his trucks into a refrigerated trucks for fresh meat delivery. The truck bodies are insulated and he only needs to install a reefer units for trucks.

Feedback of K-560S Transport Refrigeration System from Russia

After confirming all the necessary information, we know that the customer need to use the transport refrigeration systems for many of small shops, that means he needs to frequently uploading cargoes when he delivery. The cargoes need to be cooled all the time even when he uploaded the cargoes. But how to realize that the truck engine is off and the reefer units for trucks still working? Then we recommend to our electric standby system box truck refrigeration units. The electric standby is inner side of condenser, no need to find space to install compressor, very easy to install. After confirmed the refrigerated truck box size, we recommend to our K-560S transport refrigeration system, which is used for 25~30m³truck box.

K-560S Box Truck Refrigeration Unit for Sale to Russia - KingClima

Cooperation with KingClima on Transport Refrigeration System to Promote Russia Market

As we do that, the Russia market is very important for us and especially recent days because of some international matters that happened in Russia, many of Russia distributors have to change suppliers of box truck refrigeration unit for sale, and please don’t forget us, KingClima is always here to help Russia customers to go thought the difficult times. we also welcome distributors to resell our reefer units for truck in Russia for local customers. We will give Russia customer a very good price to help them in business! Please feel free contact us for more details.
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