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B-150C Van Chiller Unit Export to UK
Mar 24, 2022
Our customer from United Kingdom is a small owner food shop. He wants to transport the beverage to the local customers in hot summer. In order to keep the beverage cool and safe, it need to be delivery under the temperature of 5℃.

Feedback of B-150C Van Refrigeration from UK Customer

Our customer has a small cargo vans and want to convert it into a cold van to do his business. He don’t want to go to the auto shops because of the budget matters. So he needs cargo van refrigeration kit that can let him to install by himself. The installation cost in auto shops is so high  now in UK. So he has to do by himself. After got his meaning and requirement, we finally recommend to the B-150C van refrigeration.

B-150C is van chiller unit, temperature controlled is from -5℃ to 20℃, very suitable for the beverage fresh delivery. Besides that, it no need to install. Very easy to put it on the roof of cargo vans. No complicated wires connecting, just connecting directly with van battery. Compared with engine driven van refrigeration, the electric van refrigeration compressor is build in condenser, don’t need to consider the compressor.

B-150C Van Chiller Unit Export to UK - KingClima

Cooperation with KingClima in Van Refrigeration

Besides the electric van refrigeration, we also have engine driven cargo van refrigeration kit. We warmly welcome distributors to resell our van refrigeration units in local areas.
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