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Refrigeration parts
van refrigeration unit
KingClima Van Refrigeration Unit for a Malaysian Distributor
Dec 27, 2023
By investing in KingClima's van refrigeration units, the distributor not only enhanced operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also reinforced their commitment to delivering fresh and quality products to customers across Malaysia.
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van freezer unit
KingClima Van Freezer Unit Purchase by a Canadian Distributor
Dec 25, 2023
This case study delves into the acquisition and installation of a KingClima van freezer unit by a prominent distributor based in Canada, highlighting the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and outcomes achieved.
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trailer refrigeration unit
KingClima Trailer Refrigeration Unit Purchase by a Polish Distributor
Dec 22, 2023
This case study sheds light on a notable transaction where a distributor from Poland purchased the KingClima trailer refrigeration unit, demonstrating the product's global appeal and superior quality.
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van refrigeration unit
KingClima Van Refrigeration Unit for Dutch Client
Dec 14, 2023
The project centers around the purchase and installation of a KingClima van refrigeration unit, showcasing the efficiency and innovation that KingClima brings to the mobile refrigeration market.
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truck refrigeration unit
KingClima Truck Refrigeration Unit for a German Client
Dec 13, 2023
This project revolves around the successful acquisition and installation of the KingClima truck refrigeration unit for a German client, Mr. Klaus Müller. This project highlights the pivotal role that cutting-edge refrigeration solutions play in the transportation of perishable goods in the modern logistics landscape.
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van refrigeration unit
KingClima Van Refrigeration Unit Purchase for a Romanian Client
Dec 12, 2023
This case study explores the successful collaboration between KingClima, a leading provider of refrigeration solutions, and a discerning customer from Romania.
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