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Van Refrigeration Unit for Toyota Van Solution Export to Kuwait
Nov 21, 2022

Middle East Hot Temperature Area Toyota Van Special Toproof Mounting Van Refrigeration Unit 

As we all know, the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt summer temperature is often above +50 degrees Celsius, high temperature, so the transport refrigeration unit pull low temperature -20 degrees Celsius requirements are relatively high. This month we exported a batch of more than 30 van refrigeration units V300 and V460 models to our Middle East counties customers, which are suitable for 4-12 cubic meters of van cargo box.

Van Refrigeration Unit for Toyota Van Solution Export to Kuwait - KingClima

The V300/V460 is driven by the fuel engine driven generator on the road to drive the van refrigeration unit work, DC12V, evaporator and condenser is split, taking into account the high temperature in the Middle East, we specifically increased the evaporator core and condenser core, faster and better heat dissipation, equivalent to the Carrier Citimax 280 and Citimax 350 van refrigeration unit.

Van Refrigeration Unit for Toyota Van Solution Export to Kuwait - KingClima

At the same time, we also equipped the van refrigeration unit with a set of CRP valve to avoid compressor failure under high pressure and to better protect the performance of the compressor.

Also for our van refrigeration for sale, our customers feedback to us that the price is very competitive than Carrier transicold Citimax 280, Citimax 350 and Citimax 400 van refrigeration models. Because of they are the refrigerated van manufacturer in the local area, so to find the best quality and best price of every parts is their goal to increase their profits!

Van Refrigeration Unit for Toyota Van Solution Export to Kuwait - KingClima

KingClima Van Refrigeration Models VS. Carrier Models

Brand Model Compressor Cooling Capacity
(At the ambiment temperature of 30℃)
Application van box
Carrier Citimax 280 Carrier 130,131 cc 3000 (0°C) 1600(-20℃) 3.5m³
Citimax 350 Carrier 150,147 cc 3500(0°C) 1900(-20℃) 6.2m³
Citimax 400 Carrier 160,161 cc 4250(0°C) 2200(-20℃) 9.5m³
Kingclima V-300 5H14,138cc 3300W(0°C) 1760W(-20℃) 3.5m³
V-460 TM16,162cc 4380W(0°C) 2310W(-20℃) 6.2m³
V-460 TM16,162cc 4380W(0°C) 2310W(-20℃) 9.5m³

V300/V460 van refrigeration can make the temperature inside the box -20 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius according to the different cargo temperature requirements freely adjustable, while our units are equipped with heating function for free as standard. With the same or even better cooling capacity, we also provide a one-year warranty and free compressor, oil, controller, fan and other wearable parts during the warranty period. This overhead refrigeration unit for van can also be applied to Sprinter, Toyota, Maxus and other refrigerated vans.

Van Refrigeration Unit for Toyota Van Solution Export to Kuwait - KingClima

Cooperation With KingClima on Transport Refrigeration

As for now, we have already some of partners, distributor centers and installation centers all over the world. To cooperate with KingClima we welcome different ways, to be as an authorized dealers reselling our transport refrigeration or if you have the ability and professional to install HVAC systems, we welcome you to be as our official installation centers in your local market and with some of profits to you from us! No matter what kinds of cooperation ways, there is some way will be suited to you and us! We welcome you to join us!
Thank you for your interests in Kingthermo, You may contact us by email, phone, or fax, or please feel free to submit your inquiry in the form below,We will reply you with detail ASAP.
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