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Exported to Senegal multi-temperature refrigerated truck body
Jan 21, 2021
The Senegalese customer is a local vehicle conversion company specialized in refrigerated body.He purchased refrigerated truck based on JMC Carrying plus (Wide version). It will be about 100 to 150 units a year. What we recommend to him is our Multi-temperature refrigerated truck body(50% preservation and 50% refrigeration), The structural features of our cabinet are as follows:
1) Structure: fiberglass+PU+fiberglass. 
2) The Floor is 100mm thick sandwitch panel; other panels are 80mm thick. 
3) The Insulation Layer is a kind of new type foam - with virtually zero thermal condictivity. Density of 
the PU is all 42kg/m3, which meets the national AAA standard. 
4) Both inside and outside the sandwitch panel is coated with Handmade FPR, which is 2mm thick. 
5) The Hardwares are 304 stainless steel; Aluminum Profile and Stainless Wrap Angle. 
6) The body and the Channel Steel Sub-frame are fixed together with high strength adhesive and screws. 
7) Panels are made by high pressure vacuum technique of Germany 
8)The refrigerated truck body is tight and solid; assemblied by very high mechanical strength; smooth and 
nice appearance, anti-corrosion, shock-proof, standing wear and easy to be washed.

We also have OPTIONAL Features for the refrigerated truck body:
1)Double-opening side door and one-opening side door. 
2)Skin of the floor can be FRP, aluminum corrugated plate, or epoxy resin... 
3)Sickness of the sandwitch panels varies from 50mm~125mm. 
4)Hardwares: galvanized material or the stainless steel is available.
5)Sealed curtain and climbing lift are also available

Besides this, we also have battery-electric refrigeration units for bigger van, truck refrigeration units, diesel engine units, integrated electric standby units, small movable trailer refrigeration units.

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