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Direct Driven Van Refrigeration Chiller units V-300C
Jan 21, 2021

In daily life, the transportation of many goods requires freezing and refrigeration. However, due to the low penetration rate of refrigerated trucks, there are still a large amount of food, meat, fruits, vegetables, medicines, alcohol, etc. that undergo unnecessary losses during the transportation process due to deterioration.

Our customer Tik runs a dairy farm in the UK. He has 3 refrigerated trucks to transport milk to the city. The required temperature is 4 degrees Celsius. According to his van model and the number of cubic meters, we recommend our V-300C refrigeration unit. This unit is rooftop mounting, driven by vehicle engine and apply for 6 -17 m³ van container box. And it has optional function, heating, electric standby system AC 220V/380V, CPR Valve.

Our customer feedback that the V-300C van refrigeration units is quick installation,simple maintenance an low maintenance cost with suitable cooling capacity. He is very satisfied with the units.

Besides this, we also have battery-electric refrigeration units for bigger van, truck refrigeration units, diesel engine units, integrated electric standby units, small movable trailer refrigeration units.

We also produce refrigerated boxes, and we are also responsible for after-sales and sales of refrigeration unit parts. We have professional technical team support and provide customers with one-stop service.

We are currently recruiting global agents. If you are interested in our products, welcome to be our agents.
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