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K-680 Truck Refrigeration Export to Mexico
Jun 30, 2022
Our customer from Mexico has a small fruits factory and they transport the fresh apples to the downtown with a refrigerated trucks. Expanding the business and they order a new truck and want to install a truck refrigeration system for use. The truck is a isuzu truck chassis, which is very popular in Mexico market to be converted into refrigerated truck. For this Isuzu truck chassis, it is very easy and normal to see in our customers to use and according to the truck box size 25m³so we recommend to our K-680 truck refrigeration for him.

Feedback of K-680 Box Truck Refrigeration Unit for Isuzu Truck Chassis

Our customer find a local installers to help on installation of K-680 transport refrigeration. It is not a problem for a professional team to install the transport refrigeration. So it only spend a little time to make it done. Our customer said that in Mexico, it is very hot in summer and sometimes ambient temperature can be reached to 40℃ which they really need a cold equipment for their truck to keep the fruits fresh and not go bad. The K-680 truck refrigeration system is very suitable for their needs. Larger cooling capacity and beautiful look. It is a great experience to order transport refrigeration with KingClima teams, he said that.

K-680 Truck Refrigeration Export to Mexico - KingClima

For end-users to order KingClima transport refrigeration system

As for end-users, if you don’t have ability to install the transport refrigeration, you can find a local installers for help, which have to let the professional team do this. Our price is competitive so just find a local team to install it! It still have a good price than you buy in local market sometimes.

Cooperation With KingClima on Transport Refrigeration

For the Mexico market, we don’t have any dealers now to resell our transport refrigeration, which is a great chance for related partners who want to join us and represent our brands to sell in local market. We can supply all kinds of product line of transport refrigeration and box for cold chain business. Besides that, our price is more competitive compared with some famous brands such as Thermo King and Carrier. Also compared with Hwasung thermo brands, our price and quality is more competitive. We welcome dealers join us !
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