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K-500E All Electric Truck Refrigeration Solution for Singapore JAC Pure Electric Truck HFC1073EV1
Aug 29, 2022
KingClima K-500E is all electric powered truck refrigeration for zero emission trucks use. Our solution for zero emission reefer truck has a very matured technology and the K-500E all electric truck refrigeration has been in China market for over years with good feedback.

Situation of China Zero Emission Refrigerated Trucks

In the current field of pure electric refrigerated trucks, China will produce 1,200 light trucks and 800 micro trucks in 2021. The estimated output in 2022 is 2,000 light trucks and 1,000 micro-cards.
KINGCLIMA new energy high-voltage pure electric truck refrigeration is mainly used for:
Model light truck 4.2 meters pure electric and hybrid;
Small truck 3.6m pure electric and Small truck van;
The main brands of new energy high-voltage pure electric trucks and vans are:
4.2m new energy vehicle Geely Long-range 6T pure electric light truck, E200 pure electric light truck;
Extended range GLR 4.5T Car volume: 15 cubic meters
3.7m new energy vehicle Fengrui F3E pure electric 8 cubic meters
Long-range pure electric van V6E 6 cubic.
Among them, Geely's remote new energy accounts for more than half. Models of other brands: Dongfeng Caput; Shaanxi Auto Hyundai E9 Jianghuai pure electric I5 and I3 97 kWh; Foton's Zhilan; Shanxi Dayun's pure electric; Yutong's pure electric.

K-500E All Electric Truck Refrigeration Solution for JAC Pure Electric Truck HFC1073EV1- KingClima

Solution for JAC Pure Electric Truck HFC1073EV1

Recently, KINGCLIM exported K-500E new energy high-voltage pure electric truck refrigeration unit to Singapore as agent for the JAC pure electric truck HFC1073EV1. The truck size is 5995×2160×2323, and the internal size of the compartment is 4000 x 1900 x 2000mm. Truck rated voltage of the battery is 537.6, low voltage supply is DC12V. Our high-voltage pure electric unit K-500E is one Monoblock unit, HIGHLY electric compressor is installed inside the condenser, the high-voltage range of the truck refrigeration is DC450-750V。

K-500E All Electric Truck Refrigeration Solution for JAC Pure Electric Truck HFC1073EV1- KingClima

There is a two All-in-one AC-DC inverter for compressor and electronic control system. We use the Expansion valve from DANFOSS, the condenser has two fans, the evaporator has three fans.

Electric Standby Solution for All Electric Truck Refrigeration

K-500E truck refrigeration also has an electric standby system according to customer requirements. When the truck stops, you can connect the local AC220V power supply to make the truck refrigeration continue to work, ensuring that the box The temperature inside the box does not change to prevent the goods in the box from deteriorating.

K-500E All Electric Truck Refrigeration Solution for JAC Pure Electric Truck HFC1073EV1- KingClima

When the ambient temperature is 30°C, and it drops to 0°C within 20 minutes in the compartment; the ambient temperature is 30°C, and it drops to -18°C within 60 minutes in the compartment;
The heat exchanger has large volume and large air volume to ensure efficient heat exchange capacity and sufficient cooling capacity; The controller adopts light touch temperature and air volume adjustment, and the temperature adjustment range is wide (-25°C to +30°C);
E-500 monoblock electric unit is easy to install ,just need to open one hole to fix the refrigerated box is ok .

Cooperation with KingClima on All Electric Truck Refrigeration

It’s know to us all that the new energy commercial vehicles develop the fastest country is China because of some government support policy, China develop new energy solutions for many years. And as for zero emission reefer trucks, KingClima in China market has already supply our all electric truck refrigeration to many of Chinese famous truck factories, such as Geely, Jianghuai, Yutong, Dayun, Dongfeng and so on. Based on so much rich experience in cooperating with truck factories, we can well serve this field. And with the world wide new energy commercial vehicles development, we would love to goes into this market to supply and cooperate with truck factories. With the road of manufacturer, our truck refrigeration for sale and truck refrigeration price is more competitive!
Now Kingclima is looking for distributor in the worldwide about this high voltage full electric refrigeration units used for electric van and electric truck, if you have interest in this, we welcome you to contact us !
Thank you for your interests in Kingthermo, You may contact us by email, phone, or fax, or please feel free to submit your inquiry in the form below,We will reply you with detail ASAP.
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