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KC-20 Mobile Trailer Refrigeration Unit - KingClima
KC-20 Mobile Trailer Refrigeration Unit - KingClima
KC-20 Mobile Trailer Refrigeration Unit - KingClima
Small Mobile Trailer Refrigeration Units

KF-25 Mobile Cooler Trailer AC 110V

KF-25 mobile cooler trailers for sale is AC110V voltage. We supply the whole set of refrigerated trailer or refrigeration units and box separately for different demands.
Model: KF-25
Voltage: AC110V
Cooling Capacity: 3100W/10571BTU
Temperature Range: -20°C~10°C
The mobile cooler trailers is very popular in European market, North American market and even in South Africa. It can be as a backup for emergency temperature controlled delivery frozen foods or cargoes. It is also popular as a mobile cooling solution for parties, festivals, events, holidays, meetings or entertainments. The mobile cooler trailers have a very widely use in our life.

As for KingClima Industry,we are very professional in all kinds of temperature controlled equipment for commercial vehicles. For the mobile cooler trailers that we can supply specification size is 8’ refrigerated trailers, 10’ refrigerated trailers and 12’ refrigerated trailers. We can supply the whole set of mobile cooler trailers for sale or supply refrigerated trailer box and cooler trailer refrigeration units separately.

For KF-25 models of small refrigerated trailers for sale, the voltage is AC110V voltage, 60Hz, apply for 12-15m³ refrigerated box and temperature is from -20°C~10°C.

Technical Data of KF-25 Mobile Trailer Refrigeration Units

Models KC-20 KF-20 KF-25 KF-30
Compressor WHP05100(33.6ml/rev) DSH356LV(35.6ml/rev) 2212GK(34.8ml/rev) VTH488LS(48.8ml/rev)
Cooling Capacity A.T.R U.N. Standard @40°C ambient 2100W 3100W 3100W 4100W
Power consumption 1340W 2540W 2400W 4260W
Refrigerant R134a/1.5KG R448a/1.2KG R404a/1.2KG R404a/3KG
Frequency AC220V-230V/50HZ/Single phase AC220V-230V/5 HZ /Single phase AC/115V/60HZ /Single phase AC220V-230V/ 60HZ/Three phase
Volume supply 20m³ 12-15m³ 12-15m³ 25m³
Defrosting 800W 1980W 1980W 2510W
Current consumption LRA 37A 50A 37A 66A
Current consumption FLA 6.1 A 9.9A 21A 9.5A
Net Weight 73Kg 76Kg 80Kg 110Kg
Evaporator blower flow rate (@0 static, pressure 650m³/h 1100m³/h 1100m³/h 2400m³/h
Condenser blower flow rate (@0 static, pressure) 1100m³/h 1000m³/h 1000m³/h 3600m³/h
Temperature range -5°C~10°C -20°C~10°C -20°C~10°C -25°C~-10°C
Protection class 54IP 54IP 54IP 54IP

Whole Set of Mobile Cooler Trailers for Sale Solution

We can also supply the whole set of mobile refrigerated trailers for your needs. If you have this demands on whole set of cooler trailer, pease ask for more details. 

Small Refrigerated Trailers for Sale and Trailer Refrigeration Units for Sale - KingClima
Features, Advantages and Benefits

High efficiency and environmental protection

▲ Small size, light weight, fuel saving;
▲ Fast cooling, quickly recover the set temperature after opening and closing the door;
▲ Use environment-friendly refrigerant to reduce the impact on the environment;
▲ Professional system design and regulation to solve the problem of cooling capacity in low temperature section;
▲ Patented control logic ensures accurate temperature control in the box;

Safe and reliable

▲ More stable operation with AC power;
▲ The main spare parts have passed the industry's highest testing standards;
▲ The overall structure frame of the unit has passed the vibration test and is more stable;
▲ Multiple power switches and relays are used to protect electrical appliances. Once a local fault occurs, the protection mode will be started;

Intelligent control

▲ Precise control system with bluetooth long-range control function;
▲ Multiple alarm, convenient human-computer interface which make operation and maintenance more easily;
▲ Precise temperature control display accuracy of 0.1 °C, optimize defrosting logic, and solve the frost problem under high humidity conditions.
small mobile trailer refrigeration units kingclima industry
Typical Use ★ Events ★ Breakdown contingency / emergency temporary cold storage ★ Document storage ★ Restaurants / catering / food processors / seafood industry
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