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K-660S Truck Refrigeration Export to Suriname
Jul 13, 2022
Our customer from Suriname is a small fresh fruits delivery company. They want to transport the fresh fruits to the cities. There are some trucks that they want to install a truck refrigeration for their business. We recommend to our K-660S integrated electric standby units for him.

A suitable transport refrigeration units will be bring more efficiency to your cold chain business. In hot summer, the fruits to keep fresh is very important when transport it from countryside to the cities malls. In order to meet the requirement of all-time cooling, we recommend to our electric standby truck refrigeration unit K-660S for his business.

Coming to about installation, our customer is a final customer and they don’t have the technology teams to install box truck refrigeration unit, but they will find a local installer for help. The local install will help to install K-660S truck refrigeration.

Why Choose KingClima Transport Refrigeration Units?

Why our customer choose KingClima to buy our truck refrigeration? We know that in Suriname market, there is not too much transport refrigeration units brands for choice. The commonly to see is Thermo King and Carrier transicold, which have a very expensive price. So when our ads showing on the Suriname market, there are many customers want to try the new brands. Compared with the local brands, our price of transport refrigeration units are more competitive and affordable for the small business person.

Features of K-660S Electric Standby Box Truck Refrigeration Unit

K-660S truck refrigeration the main feature is electric standby system, it can keep the cargoes all-time cooling no matter the truck is running or parking. When the truck is parking, customers can choose to connect with an external AC 110V-240V voltage. In such way, when transport long distance and long time, drivers can have a sleep on the parking areas and no need to worry the cargoes, it will refrigerating all time.

Besides that, it is one-piece integrated electric standby truck refrigeration, that is to say, compared with split standby system, there is no need to consider the compressor matters. The compressor is inner side of electric standby, easy to install and don’t take up place.

K-660S Truck Refrigeration Export to Suriname - KingClima

Cooperation with KingClima Transport Refrigeration Units

As for KingClima, we are manufacturer supplier and exporter of transport refrigeration units. We have our own factory to cooperate and supply the most high quality of transport refrigeration units for different kinds of trucks, vans, trailers, motorcycles, electric cars... our solutions are range from long distance to short distance temperature controlled delivery. You can find the suitable truck refrigeration or van refrigeration for your business. We also welcome partners to be as distributors and resell our products in local market. You can ask us for more information!
Thank you for your interests in KingClima, You may contact us by email, phone, or fax, or please feel free to submit your inquiry in the form below,We will reply you with detail ASAP.
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