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K-660S Integrated Battery Drive Truck Freezer Unit
Integrated Electric Standby Units

K-660S Electric Standby Units

K-660S is integrated backup power operated truck refrigeration solution for 35~45 m³ truck box.
Model : K-660S
Airflow Volume : 3350m³/h
Recommend Box Volume : 35~45m³
Temp. range : -20℃~+30℃
Technical Data

Brief Introduction of K-660S Integrated Battery Drive Truck Freezer Unit :

KingClima K-660S  is  integrated battery drive truck freezer units, apply for 35m³to 45m³ truck bodies.

● Easy to install, standby system is in the internal of condenser, so it can decrease the wire installation work.
● Save the installation space, small in size, beautiful appearance.
● After thousands times of testing, it has a reliable working performance.
● Vehicle engine or standby system models for choice.
● Decrease fuel consumption and save transportation cost.
Technical Data

Technical Data of  K-660S Integrated Battery Drive Truck Freezer Unit :

Models K-660S

Cooling Capacity
Road/Standby Temperature Watt Btu

On the Road
0℃ 6700 22860
-20℃ 3530 12040
Electric Standby 0℃ 6120 20880
-20℃ 3050 10410
Airflow Volume 3350m³/h
Temp. range -20℃~+30℃
Refrigerant and volume R404A,4.0kg
Defrost Automatic/Manual hot gas defrost
Control Voltage DC 12V/24V
Compressor Model and Displacement Road QP21/210cc
Condenser(with electrical standby) Dimension 1224*555*278mm
Weight 122kg
Evaporator Dimension 1456*640*505mm
Weight 37kg
Electric Standby Power AC 380V±10%,50Hz,3Phase ; or AC 220V±10%,50Hz,1Phase
Recommend Box Volume 35~45m³
Optional Heating, Remote control functions
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