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Refrigeration for Vans Cooling Solutions for Netherlands Customer
Mar 14, 2022
Sant is from Netherlands and he has a 2875L size Benz van, he wants to converting his van into a refrigerated van, so he is looking for our refrigeration solution and want to know which kinds of cargo van refrigeration kit will be suitable.

Firstly we confirmed the van body size with Sant, and the finally size is 2.35x130x170cm box, and the box can be put into the van rightly, since he doesn't open the side door very often, so we only equipped the side door on the cold box, this is very convenient for Sant to load and unload the goods from the van.

Secondly we confirmed with Sant his request temperature, he said it is 4 to 8 celcius, so we recommend him our B-178 van refrigeration units for the cold box, its cooling capacity is big and will be installed in the front of the cold box.

Finally we confirmed with Sant how many hours he will use the cooler unit, and he replied 12-14 hours, so we equipped a 60v 100ah battery, so this battery can support the van refrigeration for 12-14 hours.

Refrigeration for Vans Cooling Solutions for Netherlands Customer - KingClima

So our finally solution for Sant is cold box+B-178 refrigeration for vans + 60v 100ah battery, and costs is not high, and this cooling solution can be disassembled from the van.

Sant is very satisfied with this solution, and then he made the payment, we will ship the goods to him within 7 days.

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