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B-260 Delivery Van Refrigeration Unit Feedback from Brazil Customer
May 26, 2022

Feedback of B-260 Delivery Van Refrigeration Unit

Recently, we received our Brazil customer’s feedback of B-260 refrigeration unit for cargo van installed on his cargo van. The customer thinks it meets the demand of perishable cargoes delivery. With the ability to quickly cool down the temperature, it keeps perishable goods fresh in the hot summer. In addition, he also thinks that we have professional service and friendly attitude.

B-260 Delivery Van Refrigeration Unit Feedback from Brazil Customer

Features of B-260 Delivery Van Refrigeration Unit

Firstly, B-260 is designed for 4-7m3 van box for the lowest temperature controlled at -18℃, and it adopts one highly compressor, which make the refrigeration has high cooling performance. Secondly, the zero emission full electric refrigeration units help to realize the eco-friendly result. Moreover, we have two solutions for B-260 electric chiller units for vans. Customers can use the high voltage units to connect with all electric cargo vans, or can use an external 48V low voltage battery to connect with the units for cooling, both depends on customers requirement.

Cooperation With KingClima as Distributors

As the business grows, we need more distributors to join us and be able to sell delivery van refrigeration units locally. We can provide complete support for our partners. Welcome contact us for more details!
Thank you for your interests in Kingthermo, You may contact us by email, phone, or fax, or please feel free to submit your inquiry in the form below,We will reply you with detail ASAP.
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