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KingClima K-360S Backup Power Truck Freezer Units
Integrated Electric Standby Units

K-360RS Electric Standby Units

K-360RS is integrated backup power operated van refrigeration solution for 12-16m³ van box.
Model : K-360RS
Road cooling capacity(W): 2950W(0℃), 1600W(-18℃)
Standby capacity (W) : 2900W(0℃), 1550W(-18℃)
Container volume(m3) : 16m3( 0℃) , 12m3(-18℃)
Technical Data

Brief Introduction of K-360RS Backup Power Truck Freezer Units :

KingClima is a professional van and truck reefer units and suppliers and manufacturer, who can supply all kinds of transport refrigeration system, especially the integrated battery drive truck reefer unit. Its standby system and condenser integrate into one piece, it means the electric compressor is in the condenser, and standby system is in the electric compressor.

Compared with the traditional only road truck refrigeration units, the backup power truck freezer units has the advantage of easy to installation and more convenient. Customers don’t need to install the standby system under the truck chassis, so the whole refrigeration system looks more beautiful, compact and concise,especially used in Norther American market ,such as American ,Canada ,and some South American market.

Technical Data

Technical Data of KingClima K-360S Backup Power Truck Freezer Units :

Model K-360RS
Container temperature -18℃~+25℃(

Road cooling capacity(W)
 Standby capacity (W) 2900W(0℃)
Container volume(m3) 16m3( 0℃)
Voltage & Total Current DC12V(38A) DC24V(22A)
Road Compressor 5S14(138cc/r)
Standby Compressor
(Installed in the Condenser)
Refrigerant R404A    1.5~1.6Kg
Dimensi ons(mm) Evaporator 850×550×170
Condenser With electrical standby 1360×530×365

Notes: 1. Ambient temperature: +38℃ (100℉) for cooling, 0℃ (32℉) for heating; K-value: ≤0.32Watts/m³℃; Recommend box volume in application is related to ambient, refrigerated                 body K-value and cargoes that will be loaded, etc.
           2. Specifications are subject to change without priority notice.
Features of KingClima K-360RS Integrated Battery Drive Truck Reefer Unit :

● Adopt Eco-friendly refrigerant: R404a
● The Hot gas defrosting system with Auto and manual is available for your choices
● Easy to install ,the electric standby system is in the internal of condenser, so it can decrease the wire and hose installation.
● Save the volume space to install, small size and pretty appearance
● It has a reliable and stable working function after professional testing in our lab
● Strong refrigeration,cooling fast with short time
● High-strength plastic enclosure,elegant appearance
● Quick installation,simple maintenance an low maintenance cost
● Famous brand compressor:such as Valeo compressor TM16,TM21,QP16,QP21 compressor , Sanden compressor, highly compressor etc.
● International Certification : ISO9001,EU/CE ATP ,etc
● Reduce the fuel consumption ,meanwhile save transportation cost when the trucking transport the goods .
● Optional electric standby system AC 220V/380V,more choice for more customer request
● We have two mounting type ,Top roof mounting and Front mounting
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