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B-260 full electric van refrigeration units
Zero Emission Refrigeration Units

B-260 Full Electric Van Refrigeration Units

B-260 is designed for 4-7m³ van box for the lowest temperature controlled at -18℃, which can meet most of demands of perishable cargoes delivery. It adopts 1 set of Highly electric compressors to have a better cooling performance.
Model: B-260
Voltage: DC48V
Compressor Brand: Highly Compressor, VDD145S
Refrigerant: R404a
Technical Data

Brief Introduction of KingClima B-260 Full Electric Refrigeration Units for Vans

Electric vans are new trend especially popular in European market nowadays. KingClima launched our B-260 and B-350 electric roof mounted refrigeration units for electric cargo vans. The zero emission full electric refrigeration units help to realize the eco-friendly result. B-260 electric refrigeration units adopt 1 Highly compressor, which make the refrigeration has a very high cooling performance.

B-260 is designed for 4-7m³ van box for the lowest temperature controlled at -18℃, which can meet most of demands of perishable cargoes delivery.

Voltage of B-260 Electric Van Refrigeration Units (High Voltage or Low Voltage)

For the electric vans, it usually use high voltage above 400V voltage, but for some customers demands that our electric refrigeration units can be customized to low voltage 48V to add an external battery, of course, we also support high voltage, both depends on customers requirement.
Technical Data

Technical of B-260 All Electric Van Refrigeration Units

Model B-260
Applicable Temperature -18℃~+15℃
cooling capacity(W) 1800W(0℃) 1000W(-18℃)
Drive model All electric drive
 Voltage DC (V) DC48V
Compressor Highly compressor,VDD145S
Refrigerant R404a
Refrigerant charge 0.9~1.0Kg
box temperature adjustment Electronic digital display
Safety protect High and low pressure switch
Defrosting Hot gas defrost automatically
Dimensions  / Weight Evaporator 610×550×175(mm) / 13(Kg)
Condenser 1000×850×234(mm) / 75(Kg)
Fan Number / Air volume Evaporator 1个 /  700m3/h
Condenser 1个 /  1400m3/h
Total power (W) 700~1500W
 Box volume(m3) 4(-18℃)  7(0℃)
Built-in Battery DC48V100AH  Ternary lithium battery
 Built-in Charger IN/AC220V50HZ,OUT/DC58.8V25A

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