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K-2100 Trailer Refrigeration Unit
K-2100 Trailer Refrigeration Unit
K-2100 Trailer Refrigeration Unit
K-2100 Trailer Refrigeration Unit
Semi-Trailer Refrigeration Units

K-2100 Trailer Refrigeration Unit

K-2000 is truck trailer refrigeration units back wall mounted type for long distance temperatured controlled transport.
Model : K-2100
Cooling Capacity: 0℃/19900w -20℃/10900w
Minimum Temperature Of Container: -30℃
Application : 80m³ - 100m³
Technical Data

Brief Introduction of K-2100 Truck Trailer Refrigeration 

K-2100 self powered trailer refrigeration unit for cooling and heating up to 80 to 100 m³ truck box size. The K-2100 semi trailer refrigeration units has a larger cooling capacity than our K-2000 truck trailer refrigeration units. 

K-2100 truck trailer refrigeration unit is matched with Carrier X4-7300/7500 and Thermo King SLXi-400

k-2100 semi trailer refrigeration units
Technical Data

Technical Data of K-2100 Truck Trailer Refrigeration 

Product appearance  :  Condenser 1975*2270*584mm(818k g )     Evaporator1685×1150×204mm     H  ole size:1696×1168mm 
Technical Para meter
Minimum Temperature r e O  f C o  n ta i n e r :  - 3 0 ℃                        Applicab le volume: 80m³ - 100m³ Cooling C capacity: 0℃/19900w -20℃/10900w E vaporation air volume: 5850m³/h
(Ambient Temperature: 30℃)                                  Compressor mo del/n umber  of cylinders / Refrigerant: R404a, Charge: 7kg
Defrosting: Automatic defrosting (hot gas de fr o s t in g )  a n d  m a n  u a l forced defrosting  displacement: 6tfr (y)  6 cylinders 715cm³
Oil Capacity: 12.6L, Maintenance Cyc  le: 3000 hours Unit voltage: DC12V
Optional: fuel heater, oil level sensor, unit anti-collision protector, remote data recording, remote control function, etc
Main configurat ion sheet
NO.   Nam e Model & Place of Origin Featu res Quant ity

Engine  404d-22 Perkins/UK  
Or 4tn V88 Yangma/Japa n
High power, low energy consumption, stab le performance, long maintenance cycle 1 S e t
2 Compress or BITZER/German y High efficiency and lon g life 1 S e t

Alternato r Valeo (France)   
Or prestolite / (joint ventur e)
High power generation efficiency and low fa ilure rate 1 S e t
4 Condensing fan  KC    ABS fan blade, high efficiency, low noise 1 S e t
5 Evaporation fan KC    A B S c e n t rifugal fan blade, large air volume, lo n g  li fe 1 S e t
6 Clutch   Lang (joint ventu re) High stabili ty 1 Set 
7 EXV   Danfoss (Denmark ) Wide adjustment range and fast reactio n speed 1 Set 
8 Electric suction regulating   
control valve
Danfoss (Denmark ) The valve opening can also be accurately controlled unde r
low pressure load condition
1 S e t
9 Receiver D rier Danfoss (Denmark)  Strong drying ability and good filtra tion effect 1 S e t
10 Reservoi r KC    Reasonable design, high rus t grade 1 S e t
11 Heat Excha nge SWEP (joint vent ure) High efficiency and energy saving, sm all heat los 1 S e t
12 Check Va lve Danfoss (Denmark ) Good effect, reliable performance, effective protection o f
1 S e t
13 Solenoid va lve Sporlan (joint ventu re) High temperature resistant valve body, high performanc e coil
, easy to install
3 S e t s
14 Exhaust temperature se nsor Custom Made   Reliable performance, comprehensive protection o f compressor 1 S e t
15 Connect or AM P Good contact, wate rproof 42 S e t s
16 Condens er Custom Ma de All aluminum parallel flow core for high efficiency heat transfer 1 S e t
17 Evaporat or Custom Ma de Internal thread copper tube, high efficiency heat sink, good   
condensate flow performance
1 S e t
18 Control B ox Custom Ma de Integrated circuit control, artificial intelligence, easy to op erate 1 S e t
19 Shell  FRP  Beautiful, high strength, corrosion resistance, a nti-aging 1 S e t
20 Sheet Meta l Parts Custom Ma de National standard steel, surfac e spray 1 S e t
21 Belt   Gates (joint ventu re) Wear resistant, long life 3 R o o t s
22 Fuel tank (option al) Custom Ma de High strength, light weight, large c apacity 1 S e t
23 Battery  VARTA (joint ventu re) Low temperature start, stable output, long service life 1 S e t
semi-trailer refrigeration units
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