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Will R410A refrigerant explode?
Jan 21, 2021
R410A refrigerant will not explode. So why R410A refrigerants will not explode is related to the physical properties of R410A refrigerants. Next, I will explain the relevant knowledge of R410A refrigerants for you. Let's look down together. 
R410A refrigerant physical properties 

R410A is a kind of mixed refrigerant, the composition is: 50% R32 (difluoromethane) 50% R125 (pentafluoroethane);

 R410A appearance: colorless, not cloudy, volatile; R410A is a kind of mixed refrigerant;

It does not destroy the ozone layer. Its molecular formula does not contain chlorine, so its ozone layer destruction potential (ODP) is 0. The GWP is 2025,;
And the toxicity is very low. The allowable concentration is the same as R22, which is 1000ppm; 
It is nonflammable.The combustible polarity in air is 0;
High chemical and thermal stability;
The water solubility is almost the same as that of R22;
It is a mixture of two refrigerants;
It is not soluble with mineral oil or alkylbenzene oil. (compatible with POE and PVE).

From the above physical properties, we can see that:
R410A is nonflammable, stable in physical properties and will not explode. R410A refrigerants are mainly used as refrigerator refrigerants, most of the "explosion" on the Internet is not the problem of snow. The actual causes of the explosion may include:
1. The voltage is low, the wire is thin, and the voltage drop is too large, which causes the starting current to be too large and the terminal to overheat and melt. The Freon pressure inside the compressor rushed out and became the so-called "explosion";
2. When the pressure reaches a certain state, the compressor coil can't bear the spark, causing excessive overheating to detonate the lubricating oil, causing explosion.
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