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How to solve the problem of short-distance cold chain transportation?
Aug 27, 2021
As the professional Transport Refrigeration Units manufacturer in China, KingClima not only supply Truck Refrigeration Units, Van Refrigeration, but also Electric Refrigerated Cargo Tricycles.
electric refrigerated cargo tricycles

At present, the cold chain industry is still facing urgent problems, such as the "last mile" of cold chain distribution. Due to the imperfect cold chain system, the phenomenon of "chain broken" and "cold removal" in distribution affects the quality and safety of fresh products.

So How to solve the last mile cold chain transportation problem?

First of all, compared to other logistics areas, the "speed" of fresh food and take-out meals is standard, and the requirements for cold chain distribution timeliness are particularly high. While cold chain express trucks and electric refrigerated trucks improve the delivery timeliness, they also provide strong technical support for the "last mile" cold chain distribution.

Secondly, configure professional cold chain equipment. It is understood that a certain logistics adopts full-process cold chain transportation and professionally customized fresh boxes, which can effectively lock the freshness, while being recyclable and environmentally friendly.

For another example, choose our Electric Refrigerated Cargo Tricycles Solutions. We can provide 1.5*1*1 or 1.8*1.2*1.2 cold chain transport box with the dc powered cooler unit, it have these features:

*DC mobile refrigerators are small in size, easy to move, low in cost, and can be configured with different models of vehicles.
*Electric vehicles and refrigerators are charged separately, and each does not affect each other, and one charge can take 6-8 hours.
*The temperature is refrigerated 2-8 degrees, freezing ≤-18 degrees.
KingClima electric refrigerated tricycle
The vehicle box uses Polyurethane material;  inner plate:bottom use stainless steel, others are color plates; foaming thickness:Top 100mm, other 75mm; edging:Aluminum alloy edging; battery:Built-in 45Ah*4, and it can working for 8 hours.

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