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K-980 Truck Refrigeration Units for Transporting Chicken Seedlings
Jan 14, 2022
KingClima provides the whole Cold-Chain Transport Solutions including Truck Refrigeration Units, Van Refrigeration, Small Trailer Refrigeration Units, Refrigeration Unit Parts and so on.

The small chicken transporting refrigerated truck is a special type of special vehicle, and it needs a special Truck Refrigeration Unit with heating function to complete it.
K-980 Truck Refrigeration Units for Transporting Chicken Seedlings
At present, there is a special chick seedling transport vehicle for chicken seedlings, with ventilation fans, ventilation skylights, shutters on the door, refrigeration system on the front panel, and heating system at the bottom of the compartment, which is equivalent to floor heating, heat preservation, and summer ventilation. Cooling down, keeping warm in winter, greatly improving the survival rate of chicks, and the driver is also relieved. This new hybrid silo chicken cart only needs to set the temperature on the operating panel of the cab, and the cabin will automatically control the temperature, automatically ventilate, and maintain a constant temperature, which saves time and effort.
K-980 Truck Refrigeration Units for Transporting Chicken Seedlings

Just like the Qingling Isuzu KV100 National Sixth Poultry Transporter, its left and right side panels have multiple ventilation windows with mesh panels according to the length of the truck body. The roof and tailgate are equipped with electronic exhaust fans to avoid carbon dioxide gas accumulation. Mounted shelves and folding shelves are installed on both sides of the inner car body to reduce the stacking height of the chicks box and avoid the stacking and crushing of the chicks.

The Kingclima K-980 Truck Refrigeration Unit we recently exported to Southeast Asia is specially used for small chicken refrigerated trucks with 21*7*7 feet truck body cargo box, and the temperature requirement is +27℃. The K-980 Box Truck Reffer Unit is equipped with four fans to effectively reduce the temperature in the truck body container box. Our transport refrigeration units with heating system ,the humidity probe monitors the air condition in the car in real time. The humidifying and cooling water curtain uses the water circulation system to cool and humidify the air in the car. In addition, there are sliding windows and waterproof shutters on the front panel of the chicken transport vehicle, and fresh air can be controlled into the vehicle through the air duct to avoid the intrusion of low wind, which ensures the temperature inside the vehicle and improves the survival rate of the chicks.
K-980 Truck Refrigeration Units for Transporting Chicken Seedlings
The chicken refrigerated truck with installing our K-980 Truck Refrigeration Units can also be used as a young bird transport vehicle, a livestock transport vehicle, a pig transport vehicle, a chicken transport vehicle, a duckling transport vehicle, a chicken transport vehicle, a live poultry transport vehicle, and a constant temperature piglet transport vehicle.
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