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Ice Cream Transportation Solutions by Electric Tricycle Refrigeration Units
Jun 21, 2021
This Electric Tricycle Refrigeration Units solution helps our customers solve the problem of transporting frozen food in dry truck, which is favored by the cold chain logistics industry.

kingclima ice cream refrigeration units

As we know, ice cream needs to be frozen in a refrigeration cold room box from - 20 ℃ to - 25 ℃. But if your ice cream is transported in a regular dry truck, how can you ensure that the ice cream is frozen during the transport period?

Generally, the frozen food is stored into small box 1.6 * 1.2 * 1.2m and then loading into dry truck body. Our company has given the Ice Cream Transportation Solution by Electric Tricycle Refrigeration Units to solve this problem.

First, we made a refrigerated box with excellent thermal insulation performance. The specific structure and material are as follows

1) Structure: fiberglass+PU+fiberglass.

2) The Floor is 100mm thick sandwitch panel; other panels are 80mm thick.

3) The Insulation Layer is a kind of new type foam - with virtually zero thermal condictivity. Density of the PU is all 42kg/m3, which meets the national AAA standard.

4) Both inside and outside the sandwitch panel is coated with Handmade FPR, which is 2mm thick.

5) The Hardwares are 304 stainless steel; Aluminum Profile and Stainless Wrap Angle.

6) Four universal wheels are installed at the bottom of the box, and an iron frame is added at the bottom, which is convenient for forklift unloading and box moving anytime and anywhere

7)The refrigerated truck body is tight and solid; assembled by very high mechanical strength; smooth and nice appearance, anti-corrosion

Secondly, we have installed DC12V electric tricycle refrigeration units into this box, the inside temperature can reach - 20 ℃ to - 25 ℃. When the vehicle is on the way ,it works through the battery or an independent battery (above 120ah, 12V); Besides,we also equipped with a standby system, so when the vehilce stops, the unit can be connected to the external power supply AC230V to continue to work ,meanwhile to ensure ice cream is in good frozen condition.

This electric tricycle refrigeration units solution helps our customers solve the problem of transporting frozen food in dry truck, which is favored by the cold chain logistics transportation industry.

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