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Fixable And Convenient Solution For Transportation Of Perishable Goods Trucks Or Vans
Jul 14, 2022
For perishable goods transporting, we use the transport refrigeration units for trucks or vans. Now KingClima produce and design a mobile cold cube as an innovative solution for refrigerated vehicles. Let’s get to know this product more!

Models of KingClima Cold Cube for Sale

We have 3 models with different size, voltage and cooling capacity for mobile cold cube. You can check the below technical data to know more.
KingClima Portable Refrigerated Container
Model Number FB058 FB150 FB178
Material: PE skin +PU foam ,100mm thickness panels
External Dimensions of box 1500*1000*1100mm(59''*43''*39'')
Gross Capacity 750L (198Gal)
Temperature Range 0℃ to 10℃
(32℉ to 50℉)
-18℃ to -22℃
(-0.4℉ to -7.6℉)
-20℃ to -25℃
(-4℉ to -13℉)
Voltage DC12V/24V/48V/60V DC48V/60V
Unit Power(W) 320W 650W 820W
Gross Weight(KG) 120KG
Refrigeration Units Model KC058 KC150 KC178
Cooling capacity: 320W 640W 820W
Applicated box volume 0.5m³-1m³ 2m³-5m³ 4m³-6m³
Refrigerant Gas(Type) R134a R134a R404a
Refrigerant Gas(Grams) 500-550g 600-650g 600-650g
With ambient temperature +35℃(+95°F)

How KingClima Cold Cube Works ?

Usually in our customers, they use the mobile cold cube box for cargo vans or pickup trucks. The mobile box size is perfectly suited for all kinds of cargo vans or pickup trucks.
For the voltage and connecting you can use the following solutions:
  1.  DC powered 12V/24V/48V/60V voltage mobile cold cube
In this solution, you can connecting the cold cube directly with vehicles battery. Usually it is DC 12V or 24V voltage.
  1. DC powered 48V/60V mobile cold cube

We also make the solution to connecting with an external battery DC 48V or DC60V voltage.
  1. AC powered 110V-240V mobile cold cube

For this solution, it is more suitable for the parking requirement. When your trucks/vans are parking, you can connecting the mobile cold cube with AC powered 110V-240V voltage for cooling.


Features of KingClima Mobile Cold Cube

  • Fixable, mobile, portable, innovative and convenient solution for cargo vans or trucks temperature controlled.
  • DC powered with integrated battery or battery charger or AC powered voltage for choice.
  • Powerful cooling to freezing from 0℃ to 10℃(32℉ to 50℉), -18℃ to -22℃(-0.4℉ to -7.6℉) and -20℃ to -25℃ (-4℉ to -13℉)for choice.

Application of KingClima Cold Cube Box

Mobile Cold Cube For Sale And Invite Distributors

Cooperation with KingClima on Mobile Cold Cube Box

This products are so popular in the market. And we believe that it will have a great potential chance. We have more and more final customers ask for this but they want to buy in local market. We produce it and export it to some of our distributors. But in some other countries we don’t have distributors, so we welcome some partners who are in the related business join us! If you have interest, please feel free contact us for more information!
Thank you for your interests in KingClima, You may contact us by email, phone, or fax, or please feel free to submit your inquiry in the form below,We will reply you with detail ASAP.
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