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FAQs of KingClima Small Refrigerated Cargo Trailers and Units for Sale
Dec 01, 2022
The mobile cooler trailer is very popular and for several time, we get many customers questions and now we conclude this typical questions for you to refer to, and hope it will help for you to understand more on our small refrigerated trailer sales.

FAQ1:I want to build a complete mobile cooler trailer, what is your solution ?

KingClima can supply the whole set of small refrigerated trailer sales which included into mobile trailer freezer unit, box and chassis and some of accessories. Of course, you can buy this parts separately, it just depend on you. But no matter you buy whole set or separate parts, our price is more competitive in the world market.  

FAQ2: what is mobile cooler trailer ? and what is the difference between normal transport refrigeration units and it?

A cooler trailer is a revolutionary way to transport, deliver or save your frozen cargoes in a container. It is very popular in America market and European market. It is like a mobile larger refrigerator, which can hang on trucks or small vehicles such as pickup trucks or vans. It is a very convenient portable cargo temperature controlled equipment and it is relying on external AC powered or generator supplying electric to cool the box for refrigerating.
The normal transport refrigeration units are relying on vehicle engine to produce refrigerating effect.

FAQ3: what is the voltage of your small refrigerated cargo trailers ?

According to different counties demands, we can supply various voltage. AC 110V or AC 240V, and 50Hz to 60Hz for choice. Please note that, before you buy it, please contact our sales team to confirm the voltage information to make sure you or your customers can use our trailer freezer unit safely.

FAQ4: what is your mobile cooler trailer refrigerant?

Usually, as for frozen type of mobile trailer refrigeration unit, we adopt R404a refrigerant, and for the chill type, we use R134a refrigerant.

FAQ5: do you have an eco-friendly refrigerant choose for mobile trailer refrigeration unit?

Yes, of course. We can supply the mobile trailer refrigeration unit adopting R448a refrigerant. According to some of our customers feedback especially from our European customers, they said that till the year of 2023, it will be not allowed to use R404a refrigerant. And after we testing again and again in our factory, we think the R448a refrigerant unit is the best replacement no matter in the cooling efficient or costing, the R448a is perfect. Now the R448a refrigerant of trailer refrigeration unit has been put into European market and get our customers good feedback.

FAQ6: what is the box size that your mobile trailer refrigeration unit can apply?

8ft, 10ft, 12ft or larger one are available. We can customized it.

FAQ7: what is the temp range that your mobile freezer trailer unit ?

Our mobile freezer trailer unit has frozen or chiller type. For frozen type, the lowest temp is -25℃ and for chiller type, the lowest temp is -5℃.

FAQ8: What is the size generator would I need to run the 110V mobile freezer trailer unit ?

We recommend to 5000W minimum generator.

FAQ9: what is the applications for your refrigerated cargo trailers ?

Our mobile cooler trailers are a perfect and ideal solution for events, parties, emergency backups, hospitals, mobile kitchens, cold rooms, food bank... you can use it in any of needs for mobile temperature controlled delivery.

FAQ10: is there a distributor in my area ?

As for now, we have many distributors in some of countries and areas, if you have no ideal whether it has a distributor, please contact us for more information. Of course, if you want to cooperate with us and sell our products in local place, we warmly welcome you.

FAQ 11: how to be your distributor?

If you are working in the related business, for example, you are other brand trailer refrigeration unit or a mobile trailer parts supplier and want to expand your supply line, we warmly welcome. Or if you are the mobile trailer manufacturer, we can supply the OEM service to you to design a tailored unit for your product. Only if you have the ability to resell our products and supply the after sales service to local market customers, you are the best partner to cooperate with us! Also, for our partners, we have a supportive policy to supply competitive price, customized service, labeling service, online promote service and so on. Please contact us for more information if you have interest!
Thank you for your interests in KingClima, You may contact us by email, phone, or fax, or please feel free to submit your inquiry in the form below,We will reply you with detail ASAP.
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