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Small Mobile Trailer Refrigeration Units

K-10ft Trailer Refrigeration Unit

Our small trailer reefer units and trailer body box can be suitable for any mobile refrigeration request of chiller and freezing,Such as outdoor family gatherings, outdoor picnics and outdoor banquets.
Cooling Capacity : 0℃/+30℃ -18℃+30℃
Compressor : Model
Air volume : 910m³/h
Refrigerant : R404a
Technical Data

10ft Mobile Reefer Units for Trailer Introduction

Our small portable trailer refrigeration unit and trailer body box can be suitable for any mobile refrigeration request of chiller and freezing,Such as outdoor family gatherings, outdoor picnics and outdoor banquets. It is like a mobile refrigerator that can be used to freeze and chiller fresh milk, beverages, vegetables, flowers, seafood and meat. We export this unit with cold room to Australia and New Zealand most popular. It is small size, very easy to assemble .It can be placed in the kitchen, doorway and other places where it can be moved.

All the mobile trailer reefer units are powered by a 240v 13amp power supply or a "C" socket, and we provide all the various leads needed for the power supply. In addition, our unit is also equipped with a small trailer interior lighting function. Our unit can be applied to 8foot, 10foot, and 12foot length small movable trailers.

We can not only produce refrigeration units, but also match the appropriate cabinets according to your small trailer floor drawings to provide a complete set of services. The maintenance cost is very low and it is convenient to replace the parts. If you are interested in us, welcome to become to be our distributor, we will provide you with better prices and services.
Technical Data

Technical of Mobile Trailer Reefer Units

Model K-8ft/K-10ft/K-12ft
Refrigerant R134a Btu/hr Watts
Refrigerating capacity 0℃ 7064 2070
  -20℃ 3863 1132
Refrigerant R404a
Compressor Brand :EMBRACO
Lubricating oil:ISO22 450ml
Refrigerant charge(kg) 0.7
Defrosting Hot gas
External dimensions(mm) 900X870X450
Total current consumption AC220V/50Hz 7A
AC115V/60Hz  13.5A
Weight(kg) 120kg
Trailer reefer works with 115V regular power source, box temp to -5℃ 
works with 230V regular power source, box temp to -20℃
Trailer chassis Axle type:E-Z Lube 5200LB Drop Axle Suspension - Torsion with single axle
Brake Options:No Brakes Request
Wheels Tire Size 15"
Wiring :7 Way RV
Hitch:Adjustable by bolts (Ball Size 2")
Full galvanized chassis
Trailer box Full EC approved road lights
Anodised aluminum extrusions, stainless steel fixings/hinges etc.
Stainless steel fittings
80mm insulated panels (including floor)
Non slip granular floor
Draining point/skirting board7.Lockable rear door with internal emergency release
Interior light
Lockable coupling
 Refrigeration units parts ABS UV protection
Danfoss expansion valve and pressure regulating valve
Codan hoses and food-grade hoses
Black spray treatment on the sheet metal of the condenser
Delphi  fan connectors and SPAL fan
Our unit has fast refrigeration and good fresh-keeping effect, and the cabinet has stainless steel interior, double sealed doors, internal lighting, shelves and thermostat controller. The small movable trailer box is clean, hygienic, environmentally friendly, easy to transport, and requires a standard 240V power supply. We can provide generators to run them if you need. It can be used for failure emergency, emergency temporary cold storage, catering, food processing, seafood industry, outdoor dining activities, etc.
Mobile Trailer Refrigeration Units
Mobile Trailer Refrigeration Units
Mobile Trailer Refrigeration Units
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