Keeping vegetables fresh
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Keeping vegetables fresh
The refrigerated trucks for vegetable transportation can be classified into three types according to the compartment style: semi-trailer refrigerated truck, van-type refrigerated truck, and bread-type refrigerated truck. We can provide non-independent units and independent units to transport vegetables.
Fresh vegetables, such as pine mushrooms, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplants, pumpkins, tomatoes need to be stored in a refrigerated temperature zone of 2-8°C.

According to the transported cargo volume and the temperature required for vegetable preservation, we will recommend the suitable transport refrigerating units with engine drive and electric reefer units .The most suitable combination to ensure the freshness of vegetables to the greatest extent while ensuring transportation costs.

The storage and transportation loss of vegetables in cold storage is often related to the evaporation of water in vegetables.
Therefore, the protective measures that need to be taken in the refrigerated transportation of vegetables:
-reduce the temperature during refrigerated transportation. Effectively reduce the difference between the water vapor pressure of the lower layer of the vegetable surface and the atmospheric water vapor pressure, which is beneficial to control consumption; and lowering the temperature can effectively reduce the respiratory intensity of vegetables
-Increasing the humidity in the storage compartment of the refrigerated truck is obviously beneficial to reducing the consumption.
- vegetables using proper packaging during transportation
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