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Keeping the fruit fresh
Different fruit need be transported or stored with different required temperatures.
The most suitable storage temperature for bananas is around 13-14℃; oranges are 4~5℃; apples are -1~4℃; mangos are 10~13℃; papaya is 7℃; Strawberry need to kept - 2°C;lychees are 7~10℃, so lychees are not suitable for storage in the refrigerator.

Accurate environmental control is required during transportation to are met with perfect maturity and freshness of consumers' needs . Any deviation of these temperature and humidity may seriously endanger the quality of the entire transported product.

Many farmers,growers, shippers and retailers from European ,Asia and South American trust Kingthermo offer high quality refrigeration chilling units to ensure the fruits tastes like it was just freshly picked from the fields.
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