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Keeping Seafood fresh freezing
Refrigerator trucks units are widely used in the transportation of seafood and aquatic products. 
The transportation of seafood has more detailed requirements for temperature and humidity adjustment and loading methods.

The temperature of the refrigerated compartment must be pre-cooled to 0-5°C. Before seafood is placed into the refrigerated trucks, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the growth of bacteria in the enclosed space. For the transportation of live seafood, water buckets are usually placed in the refrigerated compartment with a relative air humidity of 95% to 100%; an oxygenation device is added to adjust the temperature in the compartment to a suitable range for the transportation of seafood; for aquatic products that require deep freezing , The temperature should be adjusted from -18°C to -20°C, and it needs to be placed during transportation.

During refrigerated preservation and transportation, because the cooler is an air-cooled device, the surface of the seafood is easy to dry. A small amount of ice can be added to the refrigerated truck to not only prevent drying, but also extend the preservation period, usually for about 1 month.
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