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Refrigerated Drugs and vaccines
Cold chain drugs generally refer to the entire process from production to use of drugs that require refrigeration. Cold chain drugs require that the specified refrigeration conditions (2-8°C) be maintained during the entire process of storage, transportation and use.
The vaccine cold chain generally refers to the storage, transportation and refrigeration facilities and equipment equipped to ensure the quality of the vaccine during the operation from the vaccine manufacturer to the vaccination unit.

Refrigerated medicines must be transported by cold chain vehicles, and the temperature must be monitored and recorded throughout the entire process, so that the temperature monitoring of the refrigerated vehicles must be accurate and effective to ensure the quality and safety of the medicine transportation process. The refrigeration unit provided by KINGTHERMO can realize automatic temperature adjustment to achieve the perfect combination of power and refrigeration. At the same time, we can also provide high-quality ultra-low temperature refrigerators to meet the transportation needs of Biontech and Pfizer vaccines.
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