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K-2000 Trailer Refrigeration Unit
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K-2000 Trailer Refrigeration Unit

K-2000 is truck trailer refrigeration units back wall mounted type for long distance temperatured controlled transport.
Model : K-2000
Operating Voltage : DC12V
Evaporator Housing Dimensions : 1685×1150×204mm
Application : 40ft trailer body
Technical Data
Brief Introduction of K-2000 Truck Trailer Refrigeration : 

K-2000 self powered trailer refrigeration unit for cooling and heating up to 13.7 meter length semi trailers. 

Technical Data
Technical Data of K-2000 Truck Trailer Refrigeration :
Operating Voltage DC12V
Evaporator Housing Dimensions 1685×1150×204mm
Battery 25kg
Cooling capacity
Return Air to Evaporator/ Ambient Engine Mode @ 1800 RPM
-20℃/ 30℃ 10,900W
Application 40ft trailer body
Original Shibaura-Perkins diesel engine, especially modified for rugged and economical transport refrigeration application.
High performance and fuel efficient 2.2 litre displacement 4 cylinder diesel engine
(2212cc or 135in3)
Power 25.8kW @ 1900 Engine RPM
14.6L lubricating oil

Intelligent control system of K-2000 Semi Trailer Refrigeration Units  :
Engine low oil pressure switch protection
Engine high coolant temperature switch protection
Engine rotational speed RPM protection
Exhaust gas temperature protection
System High Pressure protection
System Low Pressure protection
System 12VDC voltage protection
System 12VDC electric current monitoring and protection
Fuel heating devices
Door switch
System HP/LP real-time monitoring

Compressor of K-2000 Trailer Refrigeration Unit :
High quality German 4 cylinder Bock.
Displacement 650cc.
Single unloader valves for capacity control via uP controller. (Dual unloader is optional)

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